Dynamics 365 with Magento eCommerce Implementation

Are you willing to unbolt the keys to a successful implementation, which can transform your customer experience? Do you also want to enhance the customer experience by adding efficiency to it? Using Magento & Dynamics 365 together could solve your problem and boost digital sales for you.

Success Case: Mobile Enterprise Application: Empowering Sales

Challenges for eCommerce Sellers

Nowadays, customers have much more expectations from merchants. The world throughout us keeps on thriving. Innovations and trends beget to new challenges. Therefore, with certain transforming retailers and trends, it becomes cumbersome to manage. …

In the continually improving world, it’s not shocking to finding the traditional BI or Business Intelligence system losing its sheen and becoming irrelevant. Presently, self-service Business Intelligence is gaining momentum at a steady pace.

Self-Service Business Intelligence

More and more companies leveraging the facility of self-service BI tools for various purposes such as gaining insights of the business users, effective data mining, result-driven statistical analysis, and the like even if the end-user has no prior expertise.

If you’re still ignorant on this front and have no idea how to utilize it to contrive business success then this blog will provide some useful insights.

SAP migration is a tedious job and is essential to remain time relevant. One of the most exhaustive tasks, when SAP migration is going on, is to ensure the proper data management. Data is the gold in today’s digital world and one can’t simply afford to lose a single bit of it.

But, is it wise to carry forward all the data during SAP migration?

SAP Data Cleansing and Cleaning

Absolutely not as with time, some data lose its significance and investing time & efforts on such data is the sheer wastage of resources. Which legacy data migration should be carried forward, what would be…

Whether you’re updating your existing Salesforce tool suite or trying it for the first time, data migration is the one that is going to consume most of your time and efforts. If market trends are to be believed, around 40–60% of the job, when Salesforce implementation is going on, is related to data migration.

Salesforce Data Migration

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Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that data migration leaves no scope for errors or delays as data is the gold for business. Losing a single data…

77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. (source: SAP). SAP has been one of the market leaders in enterprise application software, helping all size companies and in varied industries handling business applications like accounting, sales, payroll, finance, production, human resources, etc.

SAP BW with Power BI

Having this extensive usage of SAP application, enterprises may witness the need of connecting SAP with cloud and other third-party services. To overcome these hassles, Microsoft has introduced out-of-the-box SAP connectors helping enterprises to leverage data present in the SAP systems and to build innovative business applications and make the most of their SAP investments.


Out of all the challenges that an e-commerce business faces, establishing secure, high-end, quick, and seamless payment gateways is the toughest of all. There are many pitfalls and loopholes that one has to fix for improved payment. Integration of SAP Hybris has managed to curb tons of payment-related hurdles.

SAP Hybris Integration with Payment Gateways

If you’re not aware of its capabilities and wondering how it can be used as a growth-driven means for your e-commerce business, pay attention to this post. Bit by bit, we will unfold every aspect of SAP Hybris integration with the existing payment and its positive outcomes. So, let’s get started.

As SAP hybris 6.7 is nearing the end and already SAP has stopped permitting it to new customers, it’s time to migrate to SAP Commerce cloud. SAP Hybris’ latest release provides better integrations and contains some improvements to emphasize brilliant Edit. Also, the cloud is pretty standard to adopt in this new era. Almost every 9 out of 10 companies in Germany are using cloud services.

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SAP Hybris Migration to Commerce Cloud Version 2

Benefits of using Commerce cloud version 2

There are various benefits of migrating SAP commerce:

1. Leveling up and Innovating

It helps enterprises to build a more…

The world is digitally transforming and advancement is the only way to step forward. Oracle helps ventures do this through their innovation solutions. JDE is its one powerful Enterprise Resources planning software that is preferred by business giants.

Oracle JDE

Businesses across the world use Oracle JDE; be it in the industry of manufacturing, consumer packing goods, distribution, engineering, or architecture. JD Edwards sweeps across a very active user community. On November 6th, Oracle announced EnterpriseOne 9.2 enhancing a few quick things that we will talk about briefly.

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Power BI has merited a position that stands second to none when it comes to in-depth visualization and user-friendliness. This leading Microsoft BI tool has gained immense fame across the globe and has been the million’s favorite for generating reports and dashboards.

DAX in Power BI

While you use Power BI and don’t use DAX then you’re missing a lot. DAX, when used in its full capacity, has the power to leverage Power BI’s ability to generate detailed charts and visualizations.

In this post, we will throw light on almost every crucial detail related to DAX in Power BI, how it can leverage Power…


SAP BI/BW has standardized data sources for preparing FI-GL reports. It lets you do the reporting for the leading as well as non-leading ledgers.

In case of leading ledgers, it is easy. You just have to activate the feature, install data sources and use the standard data-flows. The Leading Ledger Reporting process will be streamlined.

However, the process to configure and utilize non-leading ledgers is a bit different. For this, you will have to follow a different procedure in order to enable and configure data source(s).

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