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SAP HANA on Cloud

It is mere myth considering that once the application is on Cloud, the responsibility is only of the cloud service provider to manage it. Undoubtedly they provide thorough maintenance and support, but also it lays some responsibilities from your end too.

Are you facing technical difficulties or lack of time and resources to manage your cloud solution? No need to worry, the number of organizations provides trusted managed services for SAP Products, including SAP HANA.

Let us familiarize you initially with SAP HANA Cloud solutions and then SAP HANA managed services.

SAP HANA in Cloud

On-Premises and Cloud, both are the options for hosting SAP HANA Application, but with cloud deployments, you need to take care of maintenance complexities. Although major complexities are taken care by cloud services providers, which make Cloud deployment a prominent choice over on-premises.

If you are thinking to deploy your SAP HANA solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is surely affordable, economical, but it lays 100% responsibility of your instance at your end, as AWS is a public cloud which supplies the only infrastructure. Issues regarding infrastructure will be taken care by AWS but not of your instance.

Companies like Stridley Solutions offers cloud hosting services for SAP HANA on their private cloud as additional support with either on-premises or public cloud. It provides provisional services which include hardware support that suits your SAP Hana in-memory database.

SAP HANA Managed Service Provider

Enterprises moving their SAP HANA application to the cloud are often looking end to end guidance and after implementation support for cloud deployment. SAP HANA managed services has a broader scope where the services scale up with execution, management and monitoring, and also extensively includes security monitoring and performance SLAs. Our SAP HANA basic consultants assist you with each aspect as part of SAP HANA Cloud Managed Services.

Industry research uncovers 60% of end clients incline toward the cover over on-premise. When you factor in the requirement for SAP support, security, integration with cloud, DR and different administrations, it’s not hard to perceive any reason why clients end up with numerous merchants to run SAP in the cloud.

Improved SAP HANA Managed Services Support

Stridley Solutions tended to the requirement for SAP HANA managed services by structuring a cutting edge cloud platform for acceptance. We support onsite as well as offsite servers for establishing a hybrid cloud solution. Not just limited to hosting platform, we moreover provide the round the clock support for your big data applications monitoring, performance and security-conscious with focused reliability check.

Notwithstanding having your frameworks upheld by master SAP resources, in all probability, you’ll know every one of them by name as they’re dedicated to your application maintenance. We believe in absolute support for any of your queries. This limits “learning slack” if an issue comes up.

Our SAP Basic Consultants with thousands of hours experience of multiple application make sure to assist and consult you with the best practices which meet your objectives and business values. They run all the installation, up gradations and support steps required for your SAP HANA Application. In our view, these are the signs of an extraordinary SAP HANA managed service provider.

SAP HANA requires Steady Upkeep

You need to decide and conclude that you require the highly touch SAP HANA managed services. Lets have a look to the scenario — if a task fails to run appropriately or if your performance backs off, your managed service provider should manage the issue before it influences different modules of your SAP application.

This is the place you start to see that not all SAP HANA managed service providers work similarly and efficiently. Some depend on helplines and escalation. With this methodology, you may hold up some time before anybody can make sense of your concern, not to mention illuminate it in useful terms.

We adopt an alternate strategy. Our SAP HANA service provider gives you direct access to help staff who know about your particular scene. You get allocated to a dedicated team of SAP support manager. With this, you can approach all day, every day. We give you a group of HANA Certified SAP Basis Consultants. They convey steady consideration and backing for your SAP HANA instance. You will almost certainly get issues settled rapidly at any instance of the day.

Concern for Security & Compliance

Our security and compliance services supplement our other Enterprise-level cloud contributions (for example SAP Basis Support, Cloud Hosting and Disaster Recovery) giving a thorough arrangement. We perform tasks, for example, consistence observing and chance remediation. We likewise offer change control and penetration testing alongside physical security of the server farm.

SAP S/4HANA Service Management

A large number of our clients are putting SAP HANA in the cloud as an initial phase and actively migrating to SAP S/4HANA. Our SAP HANA managed services have a remarkable contribution in their migration process. Moving S/4Hana will not be challenging, so no need to be freaked out!

With us, we make sure to establish the smooth workflow, foundation for the transition and also our team of advisory efforts absolutely to keep your new instance go love smoothly without the bottlenecks.

Every Loopholes can be mapped with Right Team of SAP HANA Cloud Managed Service Providers

Experience is a major differentiator among specialist service providers. We at Stridely Solutions have a demonstrated reputation of making the execution of SAP HANA cloud solution reasonable and tranquil. What’s more, our “pay as you develop” model gives you a chance to agile HANA’s speed, without spending an additional amount on infrastructure and team support for On-premises SAP HANA Solution.



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