Data Modernization and Mobile BI

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5 min readNov 30, 2020

Data Modernization is no more a fat fetched concept. Instead, it is the core of modern-day business organizations. For long, industry experts have searched for solutions that would help them transform their operations in a way benefitting all. The fourth wave of industrialization brought with itself multiple technologies, each of which aims at achieving the above.

Data Modernization and Mobile BI

To define, data modernization is all about moving enterprise data from the siloed infrastructure to modern databases, one that regulates better storage, access, and retrieval of data. The advent of application modernization bestowed organizations with the responsibility of revamping their existing infrastructure to house modern data systems and stay ahead in the competition.

It is seen that the present-day databases are not only competent but also adept in structuring and analyzing raw data to render meaningful insights. Not to forget the ease provided by them to access data at any point in time. While this may sound fascinating, it isn’t the end. To add more power to modern-day databases, experts are now vesting their money and trust in a fairly new concept as Mobile BI.

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To help you understand better, we create this article where we explain what exactly Mobile BI is and how this technology will help improve your business operations. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Mobile BI?

As the name suggests, Mobile BI is the ease with which you can access enterprise data over your mobile phone. This adds tremendous flexibility to the day-to-day business operations of organizations across the globe. Mobile BI helps you consume content on the go. Irrespective of whether you are on a vacation, or commuting to a different place, in a restaurant or in an office, with mobile BI you have the right data at the right location and when it is actually needed.

Why Mobile BI?

Having said and understood what it means to have mobile BI, the next thing that comes up is why would you need to have such a system, in the first place?

The advent of digitization has compelled users to think out of the box. Today, businesses are focused on rendering customer-specific solutions. The competition is more about who provides a better customer experience and how. In order to keep up with the continuously changing trends and market conditions, it is important that companies act right and they do it fast.

This is where mobile BI seems relevant. Having access to data makes it easier for enterprise leaders to assess, analyze, and draw insights from the same. To note: mobile BI is not a new technology or any facade but a concept that has been part of the industry for long.

Advantages of Mobile BI

The first and the most important benefit of having enterprise mobile BI is the ease of access. With a mobile BI system installed within the infrastructure, organization leaders can access data anywhere and anytime. This leads to real-time processing and assessment of data which further improves the efficiency and the productivity of the organization.

The second advantage of using mobile BI is that it lays the foundation for business intelligence solutions within the organization. Leaders can now have in-depth insights on their data, restructure and analyze it to drive meaningful information which further helps in making decisions better and faster.

The time or duration spent on accessing data and using it to make decisions is dramatically reduced. As evident, mobile BI adds mobility as well as flexibility in day to day business operations. Meaning that organizations have everything available at their fingertips. As and when needed, they can access the data and make business decisions on the go.

All in all, the integration and setup of mobile BI within a business infrastructure adds credibility to the organization, accelerates accessibility, expediting the overall process of taking decisions. Not to forget that it reduces the workflow and the time spent on performing a particular task, thereby enhancing business efficiency and overall productivity.

Business Usecases: Mobile BI in action

Wondering how can Mobile BI be useful in real-time?

Decision Makers: From the team leaders to the department head and the managers, they are bestowed with the responsibility of taking decisions. While the traditional method would force them to be present in the office, get the data shared on the system and then study the same to strike a conversation, mobile BI empowers them with the ease to access data at their convenience and make decisions on the go.

Executive Dashboard: Having all of the information displayed on the dashboard, executives must drill down the information to get to an agreement. With mobile BI, they can use their spare time to scroll down the KPIs, get information, and act accordingly.

Customer-facing employees: Apparently the ones that benefit the most from mobile BI solutions. These employees aren’t available at their desk 24/7. Either they are on the field or with a customer or traveling to/from a meeting. Imagine that while they are outside the office but want to access a customer’s data to close a deal. Mobile BI here comes to the rescue. Even though the employee is not inside the office, he/she has access to all data and reports which can then be used to connect to the customer and win their trust.

Not sure how to set up mobile BI solutions for your business? Look no further as we are here happy to help.

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