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Dynamics 365

Thriving in a digitally dominated era, everything today is connected. Right from the production process to the sales and customer service, everything is interlinked. Organizations today have the ease to extract customer information in real-time and use this to improve their sales pipeline. It is seen that managing customer experience is the key to an organization’s success.

As more and more customers switch to digital tools, they are well versed in the idea of what’s better. If an organization fails to map their customer’s expectation, they are more likely to lose business value. Fostering sales is one such process that is largely dependent on the ability of the sales executive to convince the customer to engage with your business. However, this story is long gone.

Today, the sales spectrum is far more dynamic and challenges the ability of the organization to map the rising demands. The present-day role of a Sales personnel is driven by the manner in which they orchestrate their business and attract leads. It is not about selling right but selling what’s appropriate to the given set of consumers.

Adhering to the above, the leaders of the sales segment are moved by the idea of using data to drive decisions. Analytical analysis of customers helps determine the buying behavior which further helps adapt to the situation and inculcate best practices for selling.

Dynamics 365 — Driving Automation of Business Processes

Dynamics 365 is one solution tailored to offer the needed level of automation is everyday business processes. Intelligent solutions wrapped around dedicated tools, Dynamics 365 is the amalgamation of Enterprise software (CRM & ERP). The solution is based on the cloud and encompasses a dozen apps that fix the issues related to customer service and relationship management.

What’s best about the platform is that it does not need you to switch between applications and align tasks, instead, use this single enterprise software solution and unify all under a single platform. ERP tools to organize employee tasks, promote collaboration and foster coordination, Dynamics 365 ensures compliance with the timelines.

Another fascinating application of Dynamics 365 is in the segment of Customer Relationship Management. Thanks to the prevalence of AI-tools, sales executives now have better control over the pipeline.

Wondering how? Let’s see!

Dynamics 365 AI for Sales

As mentioned above, customers today are smarter than you think. They have a wider approach with a bundle of choices in hand. Whether it is about buying a physical product, a digital download or a consultation service, there are thousands offering the same service and the one that manages to render the best service, is the one that thrives long.

Given the above, it is important for organizations to remain one step ahead of the buyers. What this suggests is that enterprises need to have a strategic approach to consumer attraction. They must be aware of what a particular customer segment expects or is more likely to use and then align their offerings likewise.

This is where the notion of AI sets in.

Dynamics 365 sales give sales professional leverage. For instance, consider that a sales representative communicated with 20 prospects in a day. All of the gathered data were stored in the Dynamics 365 platform. Now based on the responses fed by the user, the tool can smartly determine who all have the highest probability of conversion.

A method called lead analysis is done to find the potential prospects followed by opportunity analysis to locate the consumers.

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Apart from the above, the Dynamics 365 platform can assess and analyzing the performance of the sales professional. The leader can then segment his employees to see who’s performance has been better within a said time period. Meaning that the sales leader can have a holistic view of everything that’s happening throughout the sales journey.

Features of Dynamics 365 AI

Worried about whether investing in Dynamics 365 for your organizational sales would be the right decision, here are four major aspects of the suite that would help make the choice.

  • Smarter Insights

The first and the most important aspect of Dynamics 365 is the presence of modern tools and smarter technologies. Methods such as lead analysis and contextual analysis provide the ease to know the customers better. The platform uses a scoring system to detest the probability of conversion. Engagements can be customized depending on what the user has to say next. This helps obtain relevant insights about the customer and further, make decisions.

  • Relationship Assistants

The Dynamics 365 for AI have an embedded relationship assistant that is given the task of analyzing conversations and interactions, emails, etc to facilitate the generation of action cards. Potential information is studied to render personalized insights and help agents make data-driven decisions. Additionally, these assistants act like your real-time PA, notifying and reminding you about a missed email or a scheduled job.

  • Forecasts and Predictive Scoring

Dynamics 365 portal is equipped with machine learning models that can assess different conversations to come up with scores. These are ranked between 1–100 where 1 is the least probability and 100, the highest. Depending upon the scores of individual prospects, sales representatives can ideally prioritize their engagement so that customers that are most likely to close a deal, are persuaded more. Also, the scoring system helps marketing agents determine what’s wrong and embed measures to convince customers and improve the score.

  • NLP to Answer You

Embedding the technology of natural language, one can now have access to information without searching long. The search bar is now intuitive giving the ease to attain answers faster and better.

Fascinating right?

No longer does the sales funnel need to rely on the projections or the anticipations done through gut instinct. Professionals can now have access to data in real-time and use this as a leverage to improve their sales pipeline. On and off, the Dynamics 365 AI for sales happens to be the right tool to optimize business operations and win over deals.

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