Manage your IT Infrastructure the DevOps Way; Utilize Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

IT Infrastructure the DevOps Way

Infrastructure As A Code

As it is, IaC or Infrastructure as Code is a powerful concept denoting the modern practices of infrastructure management. The infrastructure here refers to aspects and things like networking requirement, data servers, storage, etc.

Understanding how DevOps is related to IaC

Continuous integration and continuous delivery, referred to as CI/CD, is a major part of DevOps and this is prerequisite to build a software these days. These essential DevOps practices automate the processes while creating an efficient and speedy release cycle. The main objective of DevOps is archiving agile development while adhering to product quality. To deploy a faster release cycle, there have to be faultless infrastructure components to deploy necessary test and production elements.

Why Treating Infrastructure As Code is needed?

Even a few years back, software delivery and development were different. Software apps were made, tested and deployed using physical servers. There used to be specific roles like database administrator, system administrator, developer — and they needed to work in sync to deploy software. Consistency in test, development, and production of software was a prerequisite.

The benefits of embracing Infrastructure As Code

As IaC is closely linked to DevOps, the entities who are deploying DevOps can deploy it and gain benefits. IaC is used to denote cloud implementation of a physical environment too. The major advantages of deploying Infrastructure As Code Are:

  • Improved speed
  • Enhanced system performance
  • Change management
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Terraform — open-source IaC tool
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Chef
  • Google Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Ansible
  • It needs new skills for using the tools
  • the element of outside intervention post the setup can be tedious
  • It needs humans to audit entire IaC setup from time to time
  • It requires efficient planning along with flawless deployment to get the desired results
  • To deploy the concept smooth collaboration is necessary.
  • A unified approach is necessary to use Infrastructure as code and reap the benefits in an organization

Where it all leads to?

Adopting IaC leads to a reduction in complexity and speedier setup-beyond doubt. It also erases the pains and complications associated with server management. With the growth of cloud computing and DevOps, IaC may be used to obtain benefits of consistency and better reliability — from a business perspective.



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