Microsoft 365 Security: Entrust Microsoft 365 with your Precious Organizational Documents

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While you’re extensively dependent on Microsoft 365 for various operations, do know how secure it is? We present you with the actual picture of Microsoft 356 security.

Whether you call it Microsoft 365 or Office 365, it’s the world’s most famous software package that anyone willing to enjoy great flexibility, boundless collaboration, unified information exchange, and seamless third-party integration seeker should bring into action.

The kind of functionality it brings to the table is praiseworthy can place the end-users at the forefront of the innovation.

Microsoft 365 Security

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What makes it more lucrative is its continual evolvement. As customer needs and technology trends change, Microsoft 365 adopts them instantly. So, the end-users are always having the best-of-breed assistance, but what about its security?

How secure is Microsoft 365?

Can you hand over your business-sensitive information in its hands just like that?

Well, one must certainly look into all these aspects of Microsoft 365 before actually bringing it into action.

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The Dangers around Us

If there is anything that has evolved by leaps and bounds then it is cyber vulnerability. Over the past decade, it has grown into a beast from a bee. With more than 30,000 attacks happening every day on websites, it’s stupid to consider Microsoft 365 entirely safe.

A recent study presented the real picture of Microsoft 365’s security. The study revealed that nearly 71% of Microsoft 365 users have witnessed compromised account information.

Everything from unrevoked privileges to unauthorized access has created a nuisance for Microsoft 365 users.

So, Microsoft is secure but not 100%.

Microsoft 365 and the Concerns towards End-user Security

Let’s not overlook one fact that Microsoft 365 is concerned about end-user security just because so many cyber vulnerabilities are happening around us.

All through these years, Microsoft has spent billions of dollars to improve the security of its flagship products, including Microsoft 365. Loads of policies and practices have been enforced to strengthen system security.

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When it comes to Microsoft 365, there are many features to protect user data and information.

MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication is a world-famous security feature that Microsoft uses in Microsoft 365. Using the feature, unwanted and unauthorized access is prevented.

The security practice demands presenting 2 evidences of authority, from the one seeking access to Microsoft 365.

As we all know that passwords are tend to get compromised easily. With MFA, you get dual protection.

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The best part is there is not a single type of MFAs at work with Microsoft 365. A couple of options are there.

For instance, you have:

· Microsoft Authenticator approves sign-ins using push notifications.

· Windows Hello for Business activates strong two-factor authentication (2FA) on Windows 10 PCs.

· FIDO2 security keys support Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards and replace the password.

· Hardware and software tokens that created OTP for open authentication (OATH) standards.

· SMS & voice confirmation of the password.

Encryption and backup of crucial data

Data encryption is also another very famous security feature that makes every available data highly encrypted. With Microsoft 365, one enjoys multiple layers of encryption for files and data.

BitLocker is the encryption technology used in the datacenters and can be easily used in devices like Windows computers and tablets.

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Distributed Key Manager (DKM) — It can be easily applied to the file saved on a device.

Files like emails Office documents, and Microsoft Cloud files.

Files that are in transit can be protected with TLS encryption. Along with all the Office documents, SharePoint items exchanged between two end-points can be easily protected with this encryption.

Are you worried about the safety of in-transit emails? Don’t worry. Microsoft 365 backs you with Office 365 Message Encryption along with Azure Rights Management, S/MIME, and TLS. With such powerful encryption, the odds of hacked or compromised email information are very less.

To encrypt the chats and messages, there is TLS and MTLS encryption. The media traffic is encrypted with the help of Secure RTP (SRTP). In addition to this, there is FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) compliant algorithms as well

Security for Microsoft Servers And Datacenters

All these security measures are wasted if the service is not backed with enough security on the server. Thankfully, Microsoft adopts the best practices to protect its servers. Servers are also user access restricted and use various authentication means.

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Freedom to manage the privacy settings

Microsoft is very user-centric and the biggest proof of this fact is its user-controlled privacy policy. It lets users decide which information should be shared and which should be kept as a secret. It also declares how the data is collected and stored.

Recently, Microsoft 365 for Enterprise has revamped its privacy policy that provides new policy settings. Diagnostic data is the information collected and shared with Microsoft. Connected experiences use cloud-based functionality to offer improved Office features

As per the recent changes, five new policy settings were introduced.

· Configure the level of client software diagnostic data

· Permit user to use connected experiences in Office

· Permit user to use connected experiences in Office

· Permit users to use additional optional connected experiences in Office

· Use of connected experiences in Office

The use of Microsoft Secure Score

For a security novice, it’s not easy to analyze the security level of the services/products used. Well, Microsoft makes the job easier than ever with the help of Microsoft Secure Score

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The technique uses highly advanced machine learning to analyze the security level of the organization and the resources used. It lets organizations analyze the key metrics and trends and their utility with other Microsoft products.

With the help of this tool, it’s easy to figure out:

· The currents stage of the security level of a given organization

· Ways to make the current security state better

· Gain deeper insights on the discoverability, visibility, guidance, and control of security aspect

· The industry’s standard benchmarks and decide the key performance indicators (KPIs) for the security team

All in all, this assistance is great to improve the current security state of the organization.

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The Advanced Part

While Microsoft 365 does an extra mile to protect end-user data, users should be little more aware of easy yet useful key practices like:

· Created secured dashboard

· Using updated versions

· Educate teammates about security importance

· Use an anti-virus software

Is That Enough?

We have no reason to raise a finger at the utility of the security features that Microsoft 365 offers to its end-users. It tries its best. But, seeing the surged number of attacks, it’s not wise to bank upon these offerings solely as their effective implementation and relevancy with the changed time.

One needs the assistance of a recognized and reputed digital transformation partner that will keep and tap on all these things. Stridely Solution is a name to bank upon for every security-concerned Microsoft 365 user. Being a Gold Partner, Stridely Solutions claims to inherit best-of-breed expertise in cloud technology, Microsoft Teams, CRM, and various other aspects of Microsoft 365.

Having their assistance means getting the best ROI on the invested money and efforts. They have a team of seasoned Microsoft 365 security experts that will delve deep into organizations’ details and come up with the best solutions. The timely and customized service delivery takes their utility a step ahead.

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