Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: An Overview of the Platform and How It Benefits Your Enterprise

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- A Crisp Overview

Launched in 2016, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an inventive cloud computing platform permitting enterprises of all sorts to develop and operate various cloud-based applications in an utterly-secured ecosystem. It’s the primary public cloud developed from scratch.

Benefits That Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Brings On the Table

Putting efforts and money into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure isn’t going to be wasted as a wide range of benefits are granted to the end-users. Starting from improved performance to better security, everything is offered. Have a look at the key benefits of OCI.

· Enhanced and leveraged performance

Adoption of OCI assures many things and enhanced performance is one of them. It’s because of the fact that OCI is created for applications demanding continual high-end performance. Stateful connections to databases, CPU-based raw processing, numerous IOPS storage, and a high amount of GBs usefully power such apps.

· Better cost optimization

Costing and budgeting matter for every enterprise and one needs to opt for a solution that fits in the budget while delivering the highest possible ROI. With OCI, this is possible as its expenses are nearly 50% reduced with what one can except with Azure and AWS.

· Enhanced and built-in security

Security is a major concern for the users of cloud computing as saving business-critical data on the cloud comes with multiple security threats. Continual data governance, access control, user-identity, and security practice implementations are some of the key areas where there is no scope for errors and loopholes.

· Easy-to-handle API and developer tools

OCI offers REST APIs for cloud-based application development, we all know how powerful, and user-friendly REST API is.

Ending Notes

Moving to the cloud is a great move to make and should be taken as early as possible. Considering the benefits and facilities offered, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a wise choice to make.



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