SAP Analytics Cloud: SAP Journey for Cloud Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a one-stop solution that allows business users to discover, analyze, plan and predict their data on a single platform. You may think of it as a Software as a Service Solutions (SaaS), built on SAP Cloud Platform which allows business users to perform operations related to business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics in one place.

  1. Data
  2. Models
  3. Stories


Data is the raw material in the production of information and useful business/organization data helps to achieve better results. Input data is what we send for modeling and story creation, in order to fetch quality analytics.

Soure: SAP


Data modeling is an integral part of any organization`s ability to analyze and extract meaningful inside-out of their data. Data model determines how data is exposed to business users for better decision-making.

  1. Analytics Model
  1. Data Wrangling is required to re-checking the data is rows and columns of your model so that the inconsistencies or typo errors in the captured data don’t affect your stories and reports. For this, you can replace the synonyms with a common word, merge cells and perform other operations for this.
  2. Hierarchy creation is needed as you might have data from multiple locations. These hierarchies can be location-based, such as divisions on the basis of continents, countries, states and so on. It will help you do better layering and analysis.
  3. Setting Currencies or Units is another thing you might prefer doing when you deal with multiple currencies with different values or variable units. Or, you may convert different units/currencies into a common one using desired formulae on the relevant data.


Stories can be created on top of the Models to enrich business-critical data. Stories allow us to explore and visualize data in the form of charts, graphs, geo maps, tables and other visual components.

Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud for Your Business

Now that you are well-acquainted with the SAC tool, here are a few good features or benefits that you must consider (besides the ones we have told already):

The Final Word

In case you want to implement your business analytics solution on SAP Analytics Cloud platform, we at Stridely Solutions will be happy to help you. Having more than a decade of experience, we provide custom-fit solutions to industries and organizations across the globe.



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