Streaming Process Chain in SAP BW

Streaming Process Chain in SAP BW

Steaming Process Chain — meaning and overview

Streaming is an operation mode in BW process chain which can be set in the properties of each process chain. When a process chain is running, each step takes a certain amount of time; the interesting question is what happens, when the chain is started again -maybe even several times- during this period, and the execution reaches the process which is already running from a previous execution?

  • If it is a classic process chain scheduled in the background, then the next execution will wait for 10 minutes for the previous run to complete. If the previous run is not completed within this period, the next execution will get cancelled and process chain will fail with an error.
  • A process chain with streaming mode is executed using a new Queued Task Manager Framework. This enables a flexible number of “worker” jobs that get the next process from a queue. If subsequent execution reaches to the current active process, these requests to start this process once more are written to a queue only. As soon as the current process is completed, the worker job receives all these start requests for a given process and restarts the process just once: It takes the most recent chain execution from the queue and executes it. This means that the second and third chain executions are dropped, and only the most recent chain execution is continued.

Types of Processes support Streaming

Processes that trigger a process chain for streaming:

Data transfer processes (DTPs) for a (real-time) SAP HANA DataSource or ODP DataSource

Processes that can be used in and run-in process chains for streaming:

DataStore-Object (advanced) activation

Processes that are not allowed in a process chain for streaming:

All other processes, for example deletion and housekeeping processes

Source: SAP
  1. This mode is only available for ODP DataSources of type SAP Extractors, ABAP CDS Views, BW InfoProviders and SLT.
  2. Another precondition is that DataSource is Delta-capable:
  3. DataSources need to support Streaming (“Streaming can be triggered by this DataSoure “)
Source: SAP
  1. This mode is available for HANA DataSources only.
  2. The DataSources must have Delta-capability.
  3. If the source system type is HANA_LOCAL or HANA_MDC (BW/4HANA) / HANA with connection type “Local SAP HANA Database Schema” (BW 7.5), check additional requirements in SAP note 2372534.
  4. If the source system type is HANA_SDA (BW/4HANA) / HANA with connection type “SAP HANA Smart Data Access” (BW 7.5), it is important which type of remote connection is in use.

Ending Notes

Streaming property is a cool feature of process chain concept in SAP BW. It provides a flexible toolset to load data as fast as possible into a BW InfoProvider. The preferred mechanisms are the PUSH mode and the Intelligent PULL mode, as they only trigger the DTP execution if new source data is generated.



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