The Ultimate Checklist for Salesforce Data Migration

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3 min readJun 16, 2021


Whether you’re updating your existing Salesforce tool suite or trying it for the first time, data migration is the one that is going to consume most of your time and efforts. If market trends are to be believed, around 40–60% of the job, when Salesforce implementation is going on, is related to data migration.

Salesforce Data Migration

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Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that data migration leaves no scope for errors or delays as data is the gold for business. Losing a single data means losing a business prospect and this is what any business would ask ever. So, how one can do it with perfection?

Well, we have done our research and figured out some of the most viable tips and tricks for ensuring proper, seamless, and timely Salesforce data migration. Here are they.

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Clean-up the data

There is no point in investing time and effort in data that is no longer useful. So, if you have plans to do Salesforce data migration the start cleaning your data now. It will make the entire process a bit more straightforward.

Take other’s help

Before you start data migration, take the help of people who know your data very well. Their real-time exposure to the database will help you in data sorting, data mapping, data cleaning, and the like jobs.

Store data in a single CRM system

To reduce the hassles involved in Salesforce data migration up to a considerable amount, try storing the data in a single CRM system. With this smart move, one will be to collect the information in the Salesforce system as per the choice of access.

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Data related to certain employees can be displayed and uploaded. It will also help the data migration team to have an already-structured data pool. There won’t be any need to sort the data. It saves a great deal of time and effort.

Don’t overlook templates

Most of the time, people don’t find creating a template for the data a considerable move. This is where they wrong. With data mapping templates, it will easy for the team to accomplish the job with fewer possible goof-ups. It is wise to fabricate an excel template for each entity to be migrated. While you do so, make sure that these data mapping templates are equipped with Legacy System and current system field definitions. If there are any related business logics, try to mention them as well. Before you bring these templates into action, review them once for sure.

Validate your migration

Validating the migration means authenticating the job and curbing any errors in their infancy stage. Some of the most widely used migrationvalidation techniques are:

· Creation of custom reports for this job. These reports will validate the record counts and give you a detailed snapshot of migration.

· Reviewing the exception reports to have a look at data which is not migrated

· Performing the spot check for the migrated data

So, these are some of the tried and tested ways to reduce the hard work that one has to put in Salesforce data migration.

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The catch here is, despite strong adherence with them, some can still face hassles and can have a painful Salesforce data migration process.

It is because they don’t take the help of a reliable Salesforce data migration partner. This is the most crucial factor. With a seasoned Salesforce implementation team, businesses can:

· Speed-up the process

· Be 100% about quality work

· Get the work done on time

· Save huge operational cost that can be incurred after poor data migration

· Retain their database without any loss

Hence, the most crucial step is to pick only a reliable Salesforce data migration partner for the job. Pick only the best one like Stridely Solutions and have a seamless Salesforce data migration experience.



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